Houston Police Employees Donate Supplies to Haiti
LA PORTE - Members of the Houston Police Department's Blue Crew spent Wednesday morning in La Porte, unloading two van loads of supplies for Haiti.

HPD teamed up with the organization "Moms Against Hunger" to help get food, clothing and baby supplies to Haiti to help victims of the earthquake.

"I'm very thankful to Moms Against Hunger for making sure these supplies get in the hands of the children," said Sgt. Babb. "And I'm really proud of the HPD employees who stepped up and contributed."

Employees have been donating items and money since the quake hit January 12. Eight stations were set up as collection sites. Wednesday morning, all of the donated items were taken to La Porte for "Moms Against Hunger" to send to Haiti for relief efforts.

"I know the mothers in America cannot go there and hold those children in their arms and comfort them," said "Moms Against Hunger" founder Dr. Gayla Holley. "But through your donations and helping us, you can hug those children and tell them America loves you and we're going to do what we can to help you in this crisis. So thanks HPD for helping," Dr. Holley said.

"Moms Against Hunger" is still accepting donations. If you'd like to help, just visit their Web site.